Its creation

Life is about “ rencontres “ and like a puzzle everyone build their specific and personal story by combining energy with people they meet along the way.

Despite their different background Nathalie Verre, Nathalie Renauld, Sandra Encaoua and Nathalie Garrison share the same French roots which give them a common link at the first place.

After several meetings it appeared that they shared the same way to approach people combining high standard of services and humanity so to speak.

Created with this kind of different expertise areas, The French Bubble is a space where a photographer, a painting artist, a clothing designer, and a mental coach and a Pilates teacher combines their life experiences to offer clients something special and unique.

The French Bubble Concept

More than a place to go The French Bubble is a SPACE to stop over.

Talents and energies of its creators are combined to provide special moments to experience by offering clients a well-being mentally, spiritually and physically speaking.


The world has recently known a drastic change with the Covid-19 pandemic; Travels limitations, home schooling, social distancing, closed entertainment places force everyone to rethink the way they live, go to grocery store or even shop.

The purpose of The French Bubble is to offer a various of benefits in one safe and cozy place where you can do art workshops with Nathalie Renauld and Sandra Encaoua, take Pilates classes and coaching session with Nathalie Garrison, and update your wardrobe with Nathalie Verre.

Who they are

Nathalie Renauld - The Photographer

Nathalie Renauld discovered photography at 12 years old with her very first camera.

In her twenties, she developed her skills with a film camera capturing landscapes and memories from all over the world. As an explorative photographer, she is known for using her camera as a tool to capture the beautiful in the ordinary.

Clients say that her kindness and humility make them forget the camera. Nathalie is definitely emotion’s catcher.

Sandra Encaoua - The Painting Artist

Sandra Encaoua lives and works between Paris and Miami.

Her works have been exhibited mainly in US and Europe. Trained at the Maison des Arts in France, she teaches painting in her studio in Miami as well as in private structures or at home.

Sandra received a Miami Art Grant 2020 by the Locus Project for the Andy Warhol Foundation of Arts (NY, USA). She won the 2018 People Choice Award from the Wellington Art Society (USA) and she has been honored with the 2017 Award Arts-Sciences-Letters from Académie des Arts-Sciences et Lettres de Paris (France).

Fascinated by nature and raw elements, she creates her paintings in a changing, violent and free world. She is mainly interested by natural imperfect patterns. Her painting is subtitle with double exposure and thickened. Processing the material is key for her, who likes to work and mix until it is perfectly in keeping with the pattern.  

“Hand reveals more than the painter would have to say by using words”, she said.

Her art could be named as a Spiritual Painting.    


Nathalie Verre - The Clothing Designer

Nathalie Verre was born in South of France and settled in a French small island called Ile de Re for many years where she designed, painted sold cover ups for the beach.

A travel to India will change her life, spiritually and professionally speaking.

Nathalie and her husband spent 5 years over there, launching and developing an ethical clothing brand- Blu Nomad.

Blu Nomad designs clothing for women, using hand block printed and EcoFriendly cottons from the North of India.

These clothes are handcrafted in a small workshop in Pondicherry located in the South of India, that provides fair work dignity and opportunities to women in needs.

The stunning palette of colors makes women feeling different, feminine and exotic.

Nathalie Garrison - The Mental Coach and the Pilates Expert

Nathalie Garrison started doing Pilates in 2006. She immediately realized that the method was more than a random of exercises to use and has decided to quit her career in Air France to teach it.

She wanted to give people all benefits the method had to offer and she created her first studio in France in 2007 although the method was unknown in her small town. She worked with a University Professor to elaborate a pedagogical program for Pilates career Instructor and decided to create a certification program in 2014 based on those works.

She created Pilates in Oklahoma in 2013 when she moved to the USA.

Now settled in Florida and she is designing private Pilates programs in her studio or at her clientele’s home.

As a Wellness person oriented, she likes to share her acknowledges in healthy food with a specific diet program called CHRONONUTRITION.

Nathalie is also a mental and a life coach guiding people to success, professionally and personally speaking with topics as diversified as weight management, addiction behavior or school difficulties, just to name a few.

How does it work

Every Thursday, The French Bubble team is welcoming you from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Special topics like cooking classes, wine testing, …are also offered once a month.

Located in 2573 SW 30 Ter, Fort Lauderdale …