The P U F O Class  and the Training Course

The Pilates - Understand for Optimization Course

"As human being we do what we like the most and push back what we dislike".

With theses two ideas in mind Nathalie created this manual for their clients.This 3 hour-session [ one hour on the equipment or Matwotk + two hour to build your personal program ] is designed to provide clients their personal guide when they are out of town and still want to do their Pilates.

This course is available for both Matwork and Reformer.

The Certification Program

For more ten years, Nathalie has been teaching Pilates to a wide range of clientele such as seven years kid to a 80 years lady, from a golfer to a pregnant woman.
One thing remains the same though; you don't teach Pilates, you teach the way to use the whole repertoire for a better understanding on how to mind and body are connected. Nathalie was sport educational teacher in France and worked with a University Professor to design a Training Certification Course based on this idea :
Make your clientele proactive and teach them how to respond to each class situation to make them autonomous, free and responsible of their own benefits.

She has trained already a few instructors, physicians in France and in America.

Start to gain without pain!

The way you move tells a lot on who you are.
"Treat your body wisely and respectfully  he will reward you tremendously".
Nathalie Garrison.