Mental Coaching Services

You all have multiple past experiences that impact your life and because of them choices you make are not completely fair. 
By changing your perspective of subconscious past events, you will zoom in on same aspects of your current life surpassing your limits, and by clearing your path you will define clearly what you want and what you want to accomplish.
More importantly you will succeed!

The list of services we offer to you

Fears - 
Fears are present within each of us; transmitted from an early age they limit our progress. By verbalizing them we manage to free ourselves and overcome them. 
Stress - 
Stress is a reality of our society; it is a result of too much personal and/or professional pressure blurring our decisions and actions. This negative stress can be regulated or even eliminated. it may be positive but needs to be mastered to be optimal.
Conflicts -
Occupational or personal conflicts whether they are expressed or silent, can lead to ruptures and affect our surroundings.
Perverts, Narcissists, Manipulators -
Perverts, narcissists or manipulators have multiples faces. By working on yourself, they are easier to unmask and neutralize them, and it is easier than it looks.
Alcoholism and Narcotics - 
Except for genetic conditions, the use of alcohol or other substances is the result of unresolved work or personal ill-being or difficulties.
Weight Problems - 
Weight gain or loss have psychological origins in 85 % of cases, this can lead to behavioral problems related to food.
School Difficulties -
School difficulties do not mean learning difficulties; they can, however, lead to failure, in which case the parent is not the best interlocutor.
Create and perform your business in Miami in 25 months –
This period of time is short and long at the same time and being guided along the way for the whole process will be the only option to succeed.
Everything is possible...

Build your own success!

Each human being whatever his back ground is has the power to change their destiny. Along the way life gives us some twists and because of bad habits it is hard to deal with. Therefore they become limitations.At this point It is hard to move on and mostly people struggle with the decision to make.
Nathalie Garrison will guide you to surpass your limitations to build your success.
Everything is possible, each goal is reachable!