Nathalie Garrison was born and raised in France. Naturally athletic she began her professional career as a physical education teacher and then worked in Paris for Air France as a stewardess and in human resources.

In 2007 Nathalie obtained her certification as a Pilates instructor from the Pilates Institute of London with Nuala Coombs and Mickael King. Shortly after, she opened and ran her first Pilates studio until 2011 when she moved to Oklahoma. There, she opened a new studio and taught Pilates for an additional five years.

She now lives in Florida where she teaches Pilates and provides mental coaching. Through her coaching, she helps individuals achieve personal and professional success.

Nathalie is certified by the Life Coaching Institute.

"L'Humanite est faite de trois categories :
Celle qui ne peut pas bouger, celle qui peut bouger
et celle qui bouge."
Benjamin Franklin.

What category do you belong to ?