Nathalie GARRISON was born and raised in Grenoble, FRANCE. Naturally athletic she began her professional career as a physical education teacher.

Because she liked travelling, she worked many years for an airline company.

She never forgot her first goal: teaching sports.

She created her first studio in France in 2007 although the method was unknown in her small town ( She worked with a University Professor to elaborate a pedagogical program for Pilates career Instructor and decided to create a certification program in 2014 based on those works.

She created Pilates in Oklahoma in 2013 (, and works every day with a diversified clientele to share the benefit of the Pilates method.

Nathalie moved to Florida in April 2019, In addition to her job in a French Bakery she keeps teaching Pilates with personal coaching exclusively. As a Wellness person oriented, she likes to share her acknowledges in healthy food with a specific diet program called CHRONONUTRITION.

Nathalie also enjoys golfing.

She designed a Certification Program and organizes many workshops [ Pilates Understand for Optimization] . In 2016 her App Pilates & Cake was available in the App Store and Google Play.

Nathalie is certified by the Pilates Institute of London.

She learned with Michaël KING and Nuala COOMBS and attend conventions in Geneva with FITSPRO, fitness Leader in Switzerland.